Asterisk monast


Іssue: lost connection to asterisk each 3-4 seconds, and make reconnection

Debian 7
Asterisk 13.5

Tested git commits

* a02a81b 2012-06-19 | added option to set custom peer status using UserEvent [Diego Aguirre]
    DONT WORK - Lost connection to server each 3-4 seconds.

* 777df26 2012-04-24 | changes [Diego Aguirre]

Selected version bbce290 2018-01-23
Commented lines in

 server.pushTask(server.ami.command, "database show") \
       .addCallbacks(onCustomPeerStatus, self._onAmiCommandFailure, errbackArgs = (servername, "Error Requesting Custom Peer Status from ASTDB"))

Now connection to asterisk not lost.

Reason on issue: too much records in database, long time of executing request ‘database show’.

$ asterisk -rx 'database deltree q-answered'
156568 database entries removed.