Varmilo VA87M keyboard issue: Caps Lock and Left CTRL keys has been switched

Description of problem

Date: 2021-02-15
Keyboard model: Varmilo VA87M
Article: VA87MR
After “magic combination” keys Caps Lock and Left CTRL switched between themselves.

Unsuccessfully actions

  1. Instructions from:
  2. Hold Fn + Left CTRL (+3sec) – Caps Lock blinked 3 times
  3. Hold Fn + Caps Lock (+3sec) – Caps Lock blinked 3 times, Scroll Lock blinked 3 times
  4. Hold Fn + Esc (+3sec) – Caps Lock blinked 3 times (RESET)
  5. Hold Fn + D (+3sec) – no any results
  6. (many another combinations with Fn key)

Communications with vendor

  1. I wrote 8 email to [support an zhihaihe dot cn] email during 3 days (from
    No any answers.
  2. Sent message at Facebook page No answer.
  3. Sent email to [zhh22 at zhihaihe dot cn] – address from button “Send Email” at Varmilo Facebook page.

I received answer!

Dear customer,

Thanks for your message.
All your emails came to the spam. Sorry about that.

Pls download this firmware and try to upgrade your keyboard. Here is the download link.
Hope it can help.

Thanks Varmilo!


Update firmware of keyboard!

Working firmware file name:


Standard firmware present on page:
On this page currently firmware file is:


Look like it’s not final …